“The best way to make children good is to make them happy.”

— Oscar Wilde, Author and Poet

When it comes to children’s clothing, we must give first priority to comfort and safety.  Being one of the futuristic baby care brand, we have set our own standards in the baby garments industry.  Safety and quality are the two major components inherent in the DNA of Popees. Our products comply with all International Quality Standards. We are focusing on a value-based approach to set high standards in the baby garments manufacturing industry.  Our primary attention to procure the best natural cotton for our babies and ensure every process under hygienic conditions. We always make sure that our final product when reaches the baby is perfect and safe to use.  For managing our international operations, we have already opened offices at London and Manchester.

We use only finest combed cotton, which ensures to provide extra comfort for our babies. Combed cotton, as you know, is much softer and breathable material, which is free of any impurities and dirt. Also, this material is much stronger and durable as short and breakable fibers are combed off from the thread.

Our slogan “The way we care” also reflects our commitment towards the environment and our planet. Natural dyes are eco-friendly.  They will not contain any harmful chemicals, making our clothing skin-friendly and safe to use, especially for babies.

Balloon padding technology helps to remove crinkles, which are incurred during the dyeing process of the fabric.  In a single process, balloon padding machine will do continuous untwisting, untangling, draining, spreading and wet compacting of knitted fabrics.  This helps to eliminate creasing and other defects in the fabrics and makes the fabric more soft and durable.

The compacting machine comes with two steam chambers and two felt units.  This machine stabilizes and preshrinks the clothing to control shrinkage after the washing.

  • Fully Futuristic Techno Enabled Stitching. We use most advanced fully futuristic techno-enabled stitching process which leverages on the excellence of German, Italian, Japanese technologies.  This helps us to maintain high accuracy in production and also improves overall quality of the production with quantity.
  • By maintaining its high quality standards in the apparel industry consistently, Popees received its ISO certification in 2011.
  • Popees invests heavily in organic cotton cultivation and sourcing of organically grown cotton. As a result of all these, in 2016 Popees acquired the coveted GOTS Certificate for organic cloth manufacturing.
  • The brand is committed to providing safe and comfortable experience for babies, thanks to its continuous R & D initiatives, forward and backward integration process, which leaves no room for even accidental mistakes.
  • By maintaining its high quality standards in the apparel industry consistently, Popees received its ISO certification in 2011.

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